by Piri Reis

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Zacky Mokhtar
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Zacky Mokhtar Old school screamo at its finest! Favorite track: First There Was Ophera, A Masquerade.
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TheDefonce Seen them live during my trip to Malaysia and became close to them. I love them so much, great people, great band, great energy. What to say more ! Emoviolence ! <3
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released January 29, 2015

Recorded & mixed at ISeekMusic, Kota Damansara.
Engineered & mixed by Mokhtar.



all rights reserved


Piri Reis Malaysia

Piri Reis are Arwith, Amira, Farhan, Jaka & Fakhri.

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Track Name: First There Was Ophera, A Masquerade
Spit it out
Spit it out
Your words like a knife
It stabs me to death
Bury me with your lies!
Been stabbed I didn’t die
I am breathing your sins
Track Name: The Padang Jawa Virgin Vigilante
I wish and I will that I
Go back to a place where it is empty
No sparks in the dark, there's no sparks in the dark
Searching for a letter you gave to me
Kept in a book
Fragment two
Track Name: The Devil's Deed of Donetsk
Sitting at the corner with heavy eyes
Reddish cheek without tears flowing
No sounds made only walls cracking
Scratching head till its bleed
An uninvited pilgrim
They hide and they seek they moan
She says: Leave me alone. I don't have what you wanted. My soul is gone. I have nothing left."
Drag her down to the hall
Tie her legs and hand
Pull her together with all your strength
Keep her eyes blindfolded, blindfolded
Don't let her see
Stop screaming
Come and join us in the hole
Track Name: When Life Hand You Grenade
Undesirable thought
Come crashing down
Carry all the weight
Carry it too long
You feel like you're walking
But you're just crawling
Kneeling down hoping for something
Something that you don't understand
Legs are bruising
Eyes are tearing
Can you crawl a few miles more?
Can you?
The road never seems to end
You lend your hand but
I didn't take it
You grab my hand
But you'll let go somehow
The world is cold
I'm shivering